STAIMO 2.1.0 Release for Speed/Power Trials

STAIMO 2.1.0 Release for Speed/Power Trials

STAIMO is software for the analysis of speed/power trials both for contract delivery trials and for EEDI trials. It has been developed on behalf of STA-Group and has been made available as Freeware on Conditions of Use are also posted on this site.

STAIMO 1.0 is the implementation of the ITTC Guidelines for Speed Power Trials 2014 which has been selected by IMO MEPC as preferred method for EEDI. STAIMO 2.0 is also fully compatible with the new ISO 15016:2015 standard for speed/power trials. The main addition is the new “iterative method” for current correction as an alternative option to the well established “Mean of Means”-method.

Since the release of STAIMO 2.0 in January 2015 the software has been used by owners, ship yards, EEDI-verifiers, class and independent institutes such as MARIN for many speed/power trials around the world. The feedback we have received from the users over the last few months has lead to some bug-solving such as the convergence of the iterative method and several updates which are implemented in the present STAIMO 2.1.0.

R&D work in STA-Group and co-operation with ITTC and ISO is continuing to improve the international standard and STAIMO. STA-Group comprises 39 participants and is open to new members.

If you have any comments or suggestions on STAIMO, when you are interested in the training course or when you are interested to join STA-Group, please contact us at We appreciate your feedback.

Release notes of STAIMO v2.0

Briefing:  May 12, 2015