STAIMO 2.0 Release for Speed/Power Trials

STAIMO 2.0 Release for Speed/Power Trials

STAIMO 2.0 Freeware is now available from This new release is now also compliant with the new ISO 15016;2015 “Guidelines for the assessment of speed and power performance by analysis of speed trial data”.

STAIMO is software for the analysis of speed/power trials both for contract delivery trials and for EEDI trials. It has been developed on behalf of STA-Group and has been made available as Freeware on Conditions of Use are also posted on this site.

STAIMO 1.0 was the implementation of the ITTC 2014 Guidelines for Speed/Power Trials which have been accepted by IMO/MEPC for EEDI. It was released in January 2014 and has been downloaded and used for trial analysis by owners, yards and institutes and class world wide. Feedback from the users have resulted in minor updates; up to version 1.3.

With the present release 2.0, STAIMO is now also fully compliant with the new ISO 15016; 2015. This new standard has been developed by ISO in close co-operation with ITTC and STA-Group over the last two years. The new addition is the ‘iterative method’ for current correction which is offered as an option by ISO next to the existing ‘means of means’ method.

STA-Group continues to develop trial procedures and analysis methods. Amongst others a new correction method for shallow water is currently validated by systematic trials on various water depths. Further co-operation with ITTC and ISO is envisaged to achieve an even better international standard resulting in new versions of STAIMO. STA-Group comprises 35 participants and is open to new members.