Second Specialist Course for EEDI Verifiers

Second Specialist Course for EEDI Verifiers

After a succesful start in November 2013, MARIN is organising a second specialist course for EEDI Verifiers: Ship Propulsion, Model Tests & Speed/Power Trials. The course will be held in Wageningen, the Netherlands, during October 2014. exact date will be revealed later.

Today, all newly delivered ships or converted vessels have to have an Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI). The determination of the EEDI includes the model testing of the vessel, the design, construction and the delivery trials, where the speed/power characteristics are finally assessed. For each vessel an EEDI Verifier appointed by the flag state has to verify that the EEDI procedure is compliant with the IMO MEPC EEDI regulations. In these regulations special reference is made to the required procedures for the model tests and for the speed/power trials.

This five-day specialist course will help make participants fully conversant with ship propulsion theory, design practice, resistance and propulsion model tests, extrapolation procedures and coefficients, as well as the conduct and analysis of speed/power trials within the EEDI framework. Besides the theoretical background during the course, practical instruction will be given at MARIN’s model test basins, as well as on board a vessel undergoing speed/power trials. Evaluation of model test results and the analysis and corrections of trial results will be practised.

The course is based on the new ITTC Guidelines for Speed/Power Trials adopted by IMO/MEPC for EEDI.
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